I. A tale of two leaders in the same state. One is Adisa Kabiru Adeniyi , the leader of Iwo Development Coalition. The other is Governor Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola of Osun state.

If leadership is all about harnessing the potentials of a people to produce tremendous results, then Adisa Kabiru Adeniyi is worth being studied. Quiet, soft spoken and unassuming, he has successfully put into practice the doctrine of developmental synergism.

Gathering together a small band of development oriented fanatics, he is changing the face of Iwoland for the better. I recall the small clinic, the educational and health outreach programs and most wonderful of all, the ongoing reconstruction of the bridge in the heart of Iwoland. This is a bridge the mighty Osun State government lacks the wherewithal to construct, not to mention the eunuch called Iwo Local Government!

And you may ask, where does he get the resources to achieve these? Simple. He gets the resources from an inexhaustible bank; The Bank of Trust. People have trust in him. That is why all meat sellers, leave sellers and pure water hawkers willingly donate their pittances whenever requested. They know he will not embezzle funds.

Now let us compare with Governor Aregbesola and you see a marked contrast. Mr Rauf Aregbesola has performed far below the resources made available to him. He has totally failed to respond to the humongous economic stimuli at his disposal viz; the monthly statutory allocations, the internally generated revenue, excess crude funds, ecological funds and massive borrowings. The more money he gets, the bigger the sinkhole. The banks who are by nature eager to lend money out are now even afraid of lending to him. I challenge the Governor to test his acceptance by soliciting for funds from members of the public, like Mr Adisa Kabiru Adeniyi does, then he will truly know that he has no credibility in Osun state.

Thank you Mr Adisa Kabiru Adeniyi. You are doing for us in Iwoland what Pharaoh could not do for Egypt. We shall never forget.

By Barrister Lukman Ogunsetan.


1. Yusuf Mutalub Olatunji: Happy birthday to our own community servant, Mr Adisa Kabiru Adeniyi. May the rest of your many more years be the best of your life. We pray for good health, wealth, wisdom and understanding in your quest of making life better for the ordinary citizens.

Keep soaring high. The sky is your starting point. Have fun

I celebrate you sir

2. Kazeem Alayande: I join millions of well wishers to congratulate our CS on his new age. Brother, as you add another glorious year, may the infinite grace of almighty Allah never depart your life. Keep soaring, the good Lord is your strength. Accept my congratulations.

3. Adeyemi Maruf Adedapo : I celebrate you and I wish you so many many many happy returns my dear Egbon...

Live so long and be more successful omo Adisa ni aagboole Fojugbagi

4. Semiu Odeyinka : Happy Birthday CS. I wish you healthy and prosperous long live.

5.  Abeeb Muyiwa: Happy birthday to Omo Oluwo,Omo Morolenyo,Omo Abikan Ra kan,Sir .As you add a year to your years today remember that birthday is coaxed with Sadness and Happiness, Happiness in Sense that you are a year older, and Sadness in sense that You walking near to your grave, as you plus daily decreases on destined earth existence.
      May you never Die Unripe, All your wishes shall come to existence, kegbo, keto, kefierigijeobi ninu owo lanlan,oro ati alubarika

Comrade Abeeb Muyiwa

Aluta Jorjor

Fojugbagi Compound

6. Bisi Ogunkale : Happy birthday to my dear friend and brother. I wish you many more prosperous years ahead.

7. Alhaji Muideen Taleat : HBD to our able coordinator.  May youu live to see your children's children

8. Badru Lukman : Happy birthday to a dear brother!!! Igba odun odun kan.

9. Goke Oyeleke : Happy birthday to you sir, our own CS. May you see many more of this day on mother earth. You're a blessing to mankind
10. Oluseye Akanmu : Happy Birthday to Mr Adisa Kabiru Adeniyi Kulukulu (ACA).You are a Blessing to Iwoland and our own Generation. I join Millions of people to wish you Happy Birthday Sir. Omo Fojugbagi. Agbo Meji ni e ra,Ile Tobi Omo Fojugbagi. E ma last fun wa o

11. Adeniyi Muritala : Happy birthday to our own Community Servant as he prefer to be called but I renowned you as a Community Developer.

May you enjoy yourself more than how people will enjoy you

Age with grace sir!!!

12. Niyi Omo Odo Oba: HBD our CS! Egbon, you have inspired and encouraged some of us and my humble self in particular with your continuous drive for development and your effort to bring back the lost glory of our dear hometown is also immeasurable.

As you add another year Sir, I pray for Allah's Rahman on you and wish he grant all your heart desires.

We celebrate you Sir.

...4rm all of us(Indigenous staff) at TERA & PICO CONSTRUTION.

13. Raman Abeeb: Happy birthday to a tireless and indefatigable dogged fighter of the plebeian cause and one prays that you have a long and prosperous purpose driven life.

14. Akintayo Akinniyi Jubril : Happy birthday CS!

15. Abass Pelenjo : I also join in wishing you a happy birthday . More success ahead sir.

16. Suliyat Iwo: HBD egbon LLNP

17. Adisa Gbemi: The best Uncle anyone can wish for,  the best mentor and motivator,  words are not enough to state how many lives you have impacted through your kind and great heart.  May this new year grant all your heart desires.  Happy birthday uncle MI, omo abimota.

18. MSA Asiwaju: Happy birthday the Leading point

19. Mumin Ismail Adeyinka : Hbd to u sir@CS. Wishing u more fruitful year ahead.

20. Prince Ayo Oyedokun Oluponna: ON YOUR BIRTH DAY:CS

Whenever a man's friends begin to compliment him about looking young, he may be sure that they think he is growing old..... Washington Irving. Happy Birth Day.

The heights great men reached and kept are were not attained by sudden flight, But they, while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night.....Saint Augustine.

Happy birthday the Great Man of Honor!

Prince Ayo Oyedokun (Peace Out)

21.  Niyi Isamotu : I wish you a year with loads of fun, excitement and beautiful memories.

You are a good leader and an even better person. May God bless you with wonderful times ahead.

Happy Birthday and thanks for the leadership you've provided for we young folks.
Your style of LEADERSHIP like a SERVANT has touched all of us.
May you get all your heart desire.

Remember the new year of your

Journey in life, shall come with more

Challenges, opportunities and greater

Success but with God everything is possible

You are an amazing Leader with a good heart.

May God pour his love and warmth on you, in all walks of life.

Wishing you a very sweet birthday.....#Malaga Cares

22. Otunba Kayode: Hbd sir

23. Lekan Afonrinwo : Happy Birthday to my CS......
. Abass Olatunji : Happy birthday to our own CS, may your days be long in prosperity with fulfilled desires. Cheers sir.

26. Ambassador Olalere Olayinka : Happy birthday to the real man of the soil. A rugged community developer and a man of the masses. May your days be long. May you live long like ocean. Cheers!

27. Adedeji Olayiwola Iskil : It is pleasure to welcome my powerful CS into another year of glory, wealth betterment of life. May you live long and see many more years to come. Hip Hip Hip Hurrraaauyyy

28. Barrister Kabir Alayo : I join million  of his family and friends worldwide to celebrate with our charismatic leader,  Mr. Adisa Kabiru Adeniyi Kulukulu on the occasion of his birthday. Egbon, I wish you long life and prosperity including good health and wealth. Congratulations!

Adisa Kabiru Adeniyi: Dear Community Developers, I just want to take a second to say thanks to all of you for making my 13th birthday very special. You are the best friends I could hope for. @Baagidigbo, as you can see up 👆, I am just 13 years old lol.

Generalissimo and trailblazer our Oga is. May God continually bless you exceedingly sir- Akinlawon Theophilos

27. Life without thankfulness is devoid of love and passion. Hope without thankfulness is lacking in fine perception. Faith without thankfulness lacks strength and fortitude. Every virtue divorced from thankfulness is maimed and limps along the spiritual road.  Only a man of integrity can
possess the virtue of honesty, since only the faking of one’s consciousness can permit the faking of existence. 

On behalf of All IDC members both home and Abroad, I say thank you The Executives of FILSU, for the recognition given to the Man that deserved to be honoured. 

Bigger FILSU,
progress of IDC,

28. Congratulations to our father Elder Tunde Akinlawon and our indefatigable leader, Accountant Adisa Kabiru Adeniyi on your awards of recognition today by the Federation of Iwoland Students' Union, FILSU.

You, both, have stood out among your contemporaries. You are the light upon which other bodies are illuminated. This is just a titbit of many more worthy honours to be received on this planet.

Keep moving forward, upward and onward.

'Tunde Afrika Badru

The Community Leader that prefer to be addressed as Community Servant.

On Saturday, November 21, 2015. Mr Kabiru Adeniyi Adisa Kulukulu was awarded by Federation of Iwoland Student Union (FILSU) as the "Most Outstanding Community Developer".

With no exaggeration or adding more to it, Mr Adisa as distinguished himself among Iwoland youths as a symbol of humanity and community leader through his selfless service to all mankind. Truly, excellence does not just happen to individuals, it is usually a product of painstaking efforts and unceasing learning. This is the case with Mr Adisa Kabiru Adeniyi who has turned himself into a paragon of excellence, impacting positively everything he touches. 

Mr Adisa was born in Iwo, Osun state right after the civil war in the early 70s. He has been working in the campaign for a greater Iwoland since he was a teenager. 

The young Adeniyi began his preparation for excellent outings at the Baptist Day School, Oke-Odo, Iwo, Osun State where he had his primary education and impressed many of his teachers. He proceeded to the prestigious and highly competitive Iwo grammar school, Iwo, and later gained admission into Osun State Polytechnics, Iree, Osun State. He fully participated in campus unionism. He excelled in both his academic pursuit and student union endeavor becoming the chapter president of the Federation of Iwol Students Union. 

Out of school and having served the nation, Adisa Adeniyi set his sights on qualifying as a chartered accountant which he achieved shortly by passing his Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) examination. He has also qualified as an associate member of the Nigerian Institute of Management.

He had worked with both public and private sector like telecommunications, Properties Company, Pharmaceutical companies and presently works with Dangote Cement Plc- Ibese as the Management Accountant. Mr. Adeniyi is well versed in tax laws, commercial laws, company laws, accounting and auditing standards, management consultancy, information system audit, information  system consulting, mergers and acquisitions, risk management and general office management.
An entrepreneur per excellence, he established Kabee Luxury Intercontinental Limited in 2003, also Adeniyi Olubode Professional Services (A firm of Chartered Accountants) in 2012 and also Alli Iwo Nigeria Limited in 2015. In addition to this, he is a writer, editor and researcher.  

Mr Kabiru is a lover of Yoruba language and history of Yoruba Land.

He is a dedicated humanitarian. He established Guildance Community Development Foundation in year 2000, an organisation that has now touched thousands of lives and is well known in the grassroots development scene. The Foundation was established to cater and care for the orphans and vulnerable children, alleviate poverty, provide free medical services and community development. The NGO is funded with his salary. The chartered accountant considers Chief Obafemi Awolowo his role model and wants to help the less privilege people the way his role model has done. 

He is also the National Coordinator of Iwoland Development Coalition (IDC), an organisation that is just a year old but whose impact in Iwoland has become undeniable.

Among the projects he has been involved in the recent times are:
i..Planted hospital for the uses of people in Akinbami Village in Aiyedire Local Government in Osun State;
ii.Provision of clothes for more 200 children
iii.Provision health outreach to people in Oyo and Osun state respectively;
iv.Distribution of more than 3,000 Birth Kits to pregnant women;
v. Successfully organised various Seminars for Traditional Birth Attendants in Ibadan, Oyo State;
vii.Provision of Vitamin A and Albendazole (dewormer) at Akinbami Village and Ajangbala Eleha in Iwo Local Government for Children between ages of 6 to 59 months;
The dewormer (Albendazole) has been helping to expel worms from the children. This on the longer term will aid digestion of 150 children and by extension the health of the children. Similarly, the vitamin A distributed has helped in the improvement of sight and the cognitive development of the children in general.

The community servant as he is fondly called has been recognized with awards for his various accomplishments and philanthropy. He is happily married with children and loves football.
IV. My brother and friend Adisa Kabiru Adeniyi Kulukulu can not be compared with any politician because they are not the same.

Adisa Kabiru is a community servant and leader with passion, inner driven energy and love for the welfare and development of everyone around him, his community. He is not a politician but understands the game better than the professionals.

Our politicians are job seekers. They see governance as opportunity for self-enrichment.

With IDC achievement within the short period of its existence, we would move mountains and develop Iwoland by the special grace of God.

We are just starting... Ain't see anything yet.

Engineer Semiu Odeyinka Alani

CS, Patriotic man like you who are passionate about the youth development and eradication of misery and poverty in our society can help us out by your active participation in politics....

Please come out of closet to contest and I believe youths are ready to give you the mandate.... this is not matter of party. Either u are or not presented by well-known party, believe me, IDC will work towards your victory.... Please enough for the crudes. 

 By Abdullah Ayodedi Akinkunmi Akanji Alani.